Events managed by people who care.

Here at Big Kid Events, we’re chuffed to see loved ones spending fun time together, families kicking the footy or playing cricket, kids having fun bouncing on the bouncy castle cuddling the cute animals from the farm, or even having a ride on a pony all with no electronics in sight… but it doesn’t all just happen.

It takes a team of dedicated professionals with the same goal and joy of uniting community and providing a safe, affordable space for families to connect. Big Kid Events are so proud to have one of the best event managers in the West. Katie Kinneen has managed over 80 Food Truck events with care and dedication.ย 

“It’s not work when you’re always having a good time – Best. Job. Ever. @BigKidEvents ๐Ÿ˜Ž” – KK

And Katie doesn’t just turn up, bump in the food trucks so they can serve you delicious street food, unpack the trailer, put up the lights so you can see what you’re eating,ย  move the bins from the drop off zone, chat to the community, watch with eagle eyes to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves safely, sets up the performers, assist market stall operators, she does it all with the most positive attitude, you can tell she loves it, and we love having her, we know she cares.

Katies Favourite Friend
We have the cutest furry friends visit our events and Katie can't resist cuddling them.
The Food Trucks Friend
Katie spends time at every event chatting to each food truck vendor and getting to know them.
Gets involved
When we have new fun performers like Club Fiesta, Katie has her camera poised, and her booty ready to boogie.
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BUT WAIT… there’s more. Katie is so talented, she makes a beautiful range of BoHo Tables that you can purchase to bring along to Big Kid Events. Send Katie a Facebook message for prices and more information and check out: KayKay | Facebook.

Sorry Katie – I couldn’t resist ๐Ÿ™‚